Slow Wedding Flowers

From Bridal Bouquet to Sacred Ritual

Weddings are love-filled celebrations, and sadly often associated with over consumption and waste, all at the cost of environmental damage.

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The idea of intentionally designed bouquets and arrangements can add some extra special meaning for the couple, while looking out for the environment, is something that gets me so excited!

As a conceptual artist and florist, I love being part of creating a story through flowers. I grew up among garden lovers and creators, so to honour the gardens and gardeners in other families; I like to understand the story behind a couple’s personalities and experiences with the nature.

There are so many ways to do this, and one of my favorites is to create designs with materials that can be propagated, dried or reused and as a last resort be composted. When it comes to creating bridal bouquets, it is possible and incredibly beautiful, to create them in a way that the love they give, goes beyond the wedding day.

Dancing Blossom Smudge Stick Workshop

These are some plants that I grow and love to use in bouquets that can later be dried for floral and floral incense bundles:

Rosemary - Memory & purification
Roses - Love, protection & opening of the heart
Lavender - Love, healing, sleep & calming
Sage – Purification & clearing negative energy
Thyme - Healing, love & purification
Yarrow - Love & courage

Explore your surrounds and experiment! Collect the plants with respect, love and gratitude to the plant and Creator for providing these sacred gifts for us to use. I’m a huge believer in that the plants that grow around us naturally are here to teach and serve us. And in return, we are here to return the gift of blessing them with love and protection.

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Once you’ve celebrated your big day, get your bridal party crew together and turn your bouquets into your own botanical bundles. Or use as gifts, post wedding for your bridal party, family or friends. When you use plants with healing properties, they smell amazing when they’re dry and ready for your intention setting ritual. You could even dry them to use in a love-filled celebration for your one-year anniversary.

There’s bunches of inspiration available in nature! I encourage you to explore and see what feels comfortable for you.

To avoid over consumption and waste, it’s good to work with wedding vendors who share your same value for honouring the natural environment, so that your special day is filled with the energies of love and respect for each other, your community and the environment.

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