Sustainable & Ethical Floristry. Is it a thing?

At Dancing Blossom Studio we love combining fresh and dry elements to create a reflection of nature’s miraculous cycle of life. From foraging among the vines and creatures, to digging holes for more flowers to be planted, and working with clients to dream up a blossoming feast, there is never a dull moment.

Special care is taken to make sure that all occasions are filled with a glimpse of nature and appreciation of its gift to us. Sustainable practices are used to minimise harm to the environment, because love was designed to bring us closer with our environment, not further from it.

Dancing Blossom Studio Foraged Foliage Bridal Bouquet.jpg

Being aware of where my products and services come from is something that is a top priority for me. Both in the way I live as a consumer and the way I run my business, which is an extension of those values. With each activity I do in business, I consider what the impact is on the environment and people, with the aim of aligning with other business that work in the same. I believe that we have enough resources to be able to reuse and repurpose, without having to create new and from scratch each time. In situations where something new is more suitable then prioritising ethically sourced is ideal. A couple of things that I avoid, because of the environmental damage is floral foam and other single use products, they aren’t necessary for creating quality and style. These product are mostly toxic and non-biodegradable. Reason enough alone to not use them!

Using flowers that are in seasons and accessible, means that they are closer to their natural state. I work with clients to include materials that they can either reuse or compost. It’s such a buzz when clients want to include things that grow from cuttings, so they can continue to grow or eat them, especially herbs. I’m planning for a wedding this year, and my target is to design it in a way that everything for the bridal party florals is reusable in some way.

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Continual research is part of the ongoing journey to making conscious decisions and I’m so proud to be connected with other people in businesses that are on the same path. We have so much to learn from each other!

Our flowers are sourced through a combination of ways; we have a small flower farm that’s constantly expanding, foraging and Go To Gardens are our main source of flowers and foliage. By sourcing flowers this way it means that we know where they come from and what is used in their growing process, as well as ensuring that they are free from forced labour practices.

For any stock that we don’t grow, we use Australian grown flowers to support local farmers, while reducing the carbon footprint and extra chemicals that come with importing.

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As we grow and work on the land of the Awabakal people, the traditional custodians, we embrace our connection with this land as a source of spiritual and physical growth with respect to the Elders, past and present of this land.

An important part of the inspiration process is for me to find out what type of experience the couple creating for their special day or clients when preparing for an event. The tone and atmosphere can be so subtle, yet very intentional. Placing that vibe and intention into the florals and styling is a big part of where the inspiration comes from.

I love chatting with clients about what makes the hearts sing when it comes to nature. Especially to get some insight into the types of gardens they grew up with and what do they have growing at home now. When I was growing up I always remember how much my grandparents and parents loved gardening, and still do. This is part of the fabric of my love for nature and connecting with flowers. In a similar way that sharing a meal with family and friends has a special way of uniting us with a sense of community, I also believe that gardens, growing what we eat and use for work is an important link in our relationships. The more we spend time in nature, the more we value the need to protect and appreciate it.

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I also get lots of inspiration from the property that we live on. There’s a fair bit of bush land where things grow wild, so foraging is a weekly, sometimes daily activity. We’re nestled between a State Forest on one side and couple of mountains on the other. Perfect for collecting inspiration from the gifts of nature. 

Every week we’re dreaming up more plans for the future. The ideas just keep flowing! At the moment we’re in the midst of building up a chemical free flower farm in the Hunter Valley to flowers and foliages that we use, in the next three years. This year we’ll be opening up the space for people to hire for workshops, exhibitions, events and small weddings. Perfect combo to have with a flower farm.

Images captured by Sandra Henri.